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Minor Recall Candidates Strike Some Poses

September 27, 2003

Thanks for "Faces of the Recall" (Sept. 23). I have changed my opinion as to the ideal candidate and am now on the fence between the guy with the gun, the lady with the martini and the lady holding her underpants, although the others look like strong contenders. Thanks for this information regarding the candidates, and I don't look forward to the next installment.

Pete van Gilluwe

Three Rivers, Calif.


While looking through "Faces of the Recall" I was dismayed to see the picture of Jerry Kunzman holding a gun. As a high school student I believe this is the wrong message to send to the youth of California. This picture tells kids that, yes, if you are important you should have a gun. With all the school shootings that have been taking place in the past years, I felt this was in poor taste and set a bad example for all. If we wish to vote for a governor who will improve our state, maybe we should pick one who is not as careless with his influence over the people.

Erika Bradbury

San Luis Obispo

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