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More on the Feminist Perspective

September 28, 2003

Anita Chabria's story on Ms. magazine ("Ms. Understood," Aug. 31) says, "There is no place a motivated woman cannot go--except maybe Augusta National. . . ." Try telling that to the women who want to become Roman Catholic priests or work in specialized combat positions in the U.S. armed forces. Do we still need feminism? You bet we do.

Regina F. Lark

UCLA Center for the Study of Women/

Women's Studies Programs


I am a twentysomething feminist who is unafraid to use the "f-word," no matter how passe it might sound. In fact, I would argue that the second wave of feminism engaged in by our mothers has not and should not become a relic. While times have changed, and women's roles and definitions of womanhood have shifted considerably through the years, women still live in a society where inequality prevails. Women are still being barraged with unrealistic images and voices dictating who and what they should be. I praise Ms. magazine's efforts to mediate both second-wave and today's feminism.

Jennifer A. Hudson

Bridgeport, Conn.

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