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Endangered Species in Open Spaces

September 29, 2003

Re "Ahmanson Deal Clouds Funds for Rare Species," Sept. 25:

History has shown that these endangered species have not survived anywhere in the Santa Monica Mountains where there has been urbanization. The only real protection for us humans and these delicate species is for the Ahmanson Ranch to remain open space.

Mary E. Wiesbrock

Agoura Hills


Kudos to Gov. Gray Davis, who, in the midst of the turmoil of a recall election, still has managed to take care of the state and the needs of the public. The Ahmanson Ranch deal would not have happened if Davis had not provided the leadership in brokering the deal.

Candidates Tom McClintock and Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly did nothing to protect this valuable environmental resource from destruction.

Lori Glenn


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