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Some tips for the Olympic traveler

August 01, 2004

Our family just returned from a few weeks in Greece, and we'd like to offer some advice and information for those planning a trip to Greece or intending to take in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. To say "It's all Greek to me" would not be too far off the mark: The signage is in Greek. This is somewhat unexpected because Athens will host the 2004 Olympics, and a flood of visitors will need directions.

Athens has significant traffic congestion, even without the Games. Plan accordingly because it will take a long time to move around and a longer time to find a parking space. The bus and metro systems are good and should be strongly considered.

The weather will be warmer than most will expect.

If you plan to spend some time on the islands and to use the excellent ferry system to get there from Athens, be aware that ferries may have moved to new docks and departure locations at the port.

When coordinating a schedule with the ferry operator, get a confirmation of the dock (and gate) number. They leave on time, so it pays to be on time.

All in all, our vacation was enjoyable, and we expect others to have a good time too if they are not unduly surprised.

James G. Shaw III


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