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Shakeup of Dodger Lineup Is Way Off Base

August 03, 2004

Re "Dodgers Give Their Roster a Big League Makeover," Aug. 1: It has been my great joy to reconnect with the Dodgers since my 92-year-old father, a longtime fan of the team, moved in with our family two years ago. I grew up in North Hollywood watching games in the days of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax.

This season, guys like Dave Roberts, Paul Lo Duca and Guillermo Mota have displayed not only extraordinary skills but also inspiring efforts on their team's behalf. To us, they are not just statistics to shuttle around on a computer screen but have what makes baseball such an exciting sport to watch: real heart and soul (something Paul DePodesta seems to lack).

I'm writing on behalf of a household of angry and brokenhearted Dodgers fans.

Priscilla Stephens

Pacific Palisades


Holy cow! I thought I had seen everything in bad trades. This has to be the worst one I've seen since I began following the Dodgers in 1947. I was taught that when you have a winning combination you leave it alone. I hope the recent trade doesn't come back to bite the Dodger front office.

Ralph M. Telles


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