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Erwin Chemerinsky's Legacy to Los Angeles

August 04, 2004

Re "Leaving a Lasting Legacy," July 31: I too admire Erwin Chemerinsky and his vast intellect. But what does it say about the man and the city he professes to love when he abandons it, quoting The Times, "to live in a smaller city," just as his kids get to the age when they take flight and attain a growing degree of independence from their parents and thus more exposure to temptations of all sorts that the big city has to offer?

Is Chemerinsky a coward on the run, like many white liberals of means who flee the city for small communities perceived as "safe," or is Los Angeles a monster where no responsible parent would raise kids?

I certainly don't know, but neither thought is very promising or hopeful.

Jan Dreier



It is unfortunate to see Chemerinsky leave the city. I have always enjoyed his brilliant commentaries and essays in The Times. On the other hand, when he begins teaching at Duke University, he will be close to Washington. Perhaps he can bring necessary reforms to the nation's capital. Then the entire country would benefit from his extraordinary skills; wouldn't that be nice.

Bernhard O. Voelkelt

Lake Arrowhead

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