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Appreciation for an Article on Faith

August 05, 2004

The Times is to be highly complimented on the Column One article by Teresa Watanabe, "A New Breed of Priest" (July 31).

We Americans -- of whatever faith -- need to read more such articles after being flooded with a deluge of muck about some pedophile priests.

Hang in there, Father Marcos Gonzalez. We need you and other priests like you who love their calling, who preach a true doctrine and morality from the pulpit and who demand more sacrifices of us laity.

Arnold Paroline



Thank you for your piece on the Pope John Paul II generation of priests.

Although called "orthodox," the Christian beliefs advanced by these Catholics are the most progressive, timeless and proactive ways to promote respect and love in our world.

Pope John Paul II stands up to unjustified aggressions by leftist and right-wing entities, proving that it is all about hating sins and not the sinners. There are plenty of young Catholic people like myself trying to show why the word "Catholic" means "universal."

Gus Leano


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