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The Law of the Land Is for Immigrants Too

August 06, 2004

Re "More Legal Help for Migrants," Aug. 2: This is really getting ridiculous. Illegal migrants come here, get arrested and, instead of being held for deportation, they get released. It is my opinion that we cater too much to these people (driver's tests in languages other than English, loose deportation policies, enrollment of children in schools creating overcrowding, discounts in college tuition, etc.), so why should they obey our laws?

It's time to demand that people from other countries who want to enjoy the life, liberties and privileges of this country abide by our laws or face harsh and unyielding consequences.

Paul S. Henderson



The best way to fix the problem of lawyers acting to prevent illegal aliens from being deported would be to send the lawyers to jail every time one of their "clients" failed to return for his deportation hearing.

Randle C. Sink


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