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Why All the Noise Over the Gold Line?

August 06, 2004

Re "Residents Plan Gold Line Lawsuit," Aug 4: I'm a bit concerned about the memories of South Pasadena residents. Has it been so long that they cannot remember the long freight trains that would regularly go through their neighborhood?

Trains stopped going through their town less than a decade ago, but when they did, the bells and rings of the trains were far louder than the new Gold Line. I live a mile from the tracks and could hear those train whistles and bells clearly through the air, but I can't make out any sounds anymore from the light-rail system. I don't recall many complaints when the trains were in service, and I'm not very sure why there is so much debate over the Gold Line right now.

Michelle Giron


Rumbling? Whopping sound and high-pitched squeal? I travel often between Lincoln Heights and South Pasadena, and I hear the MTA trains up close. They are very quiet; everything sounds like it is coming through gauze, including the crossing bells.

You want to hear a train? Come listen to the Union Pacific freights that rumble through my neighborhood day and night. Yet I don't hear many complaints.

Ephraim Schwartz

Los Angeles

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