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Rocking the Boat for John Kerry

August 06, 2004

Re "Musicians Banding Together to Beat Bush," Aug. 5: I hope -- as Steve Schmidt, identified as a spokesman for the Bush campaign, said -- that this gathering of the glitterati backfires. Really, Bruce Springsteen singing about working-class folks doesn't make him one. A gathering of self-important multimillionaire cretins should give us all the willies.

What, it's not enough that Hollywood types have become the royalty of this country ... now they think they should dictate the government too? Oh please!

Sandy Whaling

Springville, Calif.

Re "Veterans Attack Kerry on Medals, War Record," Aug. 5: Every time someone bashes Sen. John Kerry on his record of service in Vietnam, they merely continue to remind voters that Kerry served in Vietnam. The fact that he volunteered and commanded a swift boat will remain unchallenged no matter how nasty the attacks may be.

This is a strategy fraught with too many downsides, and too many opportunities for Kerry and his Swift boat crewmates to reinforce his record of service.

It does not make sense to me. Perhaps desperate times (for President Bush and his allies) require desperate -- and ill-conceived -- measures.

Keith Malone

Montecito Heights

Michael Ramirez's Aug. 3 cartoon showing Kerry spread-eagle on the ground surrounded by discarded banners, with an observer saying "Hmmm

Kerry's acceptance speech at the Democratic convention was a brilliant call to arms to raise the American consciousness to the possibility of bringing some order to the chaos of the Bush administration's policies.

The public is rallying to Kerry's call even though the incumbent has the advantage of being able to command the moment -- as in the current terror scare.

Orrin Howard

Los Angeles

My mother is 96 and has not voted, or wanted to, up to now. But thanks to President Bush she can't wait for November so she can go to the polls and cast her vote for Kerry. Go, Mom!

Ula Pendleton

Los Angeles

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