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Driven to Desperation by a Lethal Stretch of Road

August 07, 2004

Re "The Road They All Dread," Aug. 4: In reading the article, I remembered the three people who I personally knew who had been killed there. I remember Caltrans tearing down the makeshift memorials and its fight to remove road signs warning drivers they were entering one of the most dangerous highways ever ignored by the state of California. I noted that this wasn't mentioned in the article.

I was surprised that the reporter mentioned, briefly, that it would take years for impact studies for road improvements to be completed. This will result in hundreds of unnecessary deaths just to satisfy a minority of tree huggers and environmentalists. Maybe the article will prompt some of those wackos to drive Highway 395 themselves -- I urge them to do so.

Steve Weaver



I have written several letters to people involved in government about Highway 395, and when I received any reply, it was almost a form letter reading like "Oh well, that's the way it is."

What I don't understand is why there's a big push to widen and improve Highway 395 from Mono Lake to the Nevada border where there is very little traffic, ignoring part of that highway from Interstate 15 to the 395-California 14 intersection. Just the traffic counts should have dictated improving the lower parts first. The death counts surely reinforce that idea.

William Davis


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