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Some Warm to Solar Power; Others Are Cool

August 07, 2004

Re "State Seeking to Boost Use of Solar Energy," Aug. 3: To impose a new tax in the guise of electricity surcharges should be opposed. Current homeowners should not be compelled to subsidize future home buyers and builders. Solar panels markedly reduce electrical consumption while reducing generating costs. The allied benefits derived from water and natural gas conservation installations are no different and must be similarly applied to solar energy as well without penalizing current owners by an unjustified tax increase.

David Meyers



Dependence on fossil fuels causes a lot of trouble for America, from embroilments in the Middle East to poor air quality caused by industrial power plants. Solar power is a good solution to the problem, and California has the chance to lead the nation with a new solar initiative.

The Million Solar Homes Initiative, currently under consideration in the state Assembly, sets a goal of 50% of new homes built with solar capabilities by 2010.

Building with solar is far cheaper than retrofitting later and would add only minimal costs for the buyer in addition to offering big savings on electric bills, not to mention decrease dependency on smoggy power plants, especially in the fast-growing Central Valley.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger supported solar homes during his campaign, and I hope he endorses the bill now that it has come up for debate. Don't be a girlie man, Arnold; put your muscle behind this one!

Nate Shockey


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