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Improper Limits on Border Patrol

August 09, 2004

Re "Border Patrol Faces New Limits in Inland Empire," Aug. 4: By restricting the Border Patrol to enforcing immigration laws only at the border and a few checkpoints away from the border, the government has essentially granted de facto amnesty to any illegal alien who can make it more than a few miles past our porous borders. Instead of taking strong action to deter illegal entry into our country, for many years the government has encouraged illegal immigration by not enforcing laws against illegal hiring by American businesses, granting taxpayer IDs to people without any documentation, following a catch-and-release policy with many illegals, and by drastically underfunding the Border Patrol and Customs Service.

It is ludicrous for the Department of Homeland Security to myopically scrutinize a few major border checkpoints but leave our borders open to end runs by many people per day, some of whom could be terrorists.

Ray Sholes


I don't get it. Border Patrol agents capture illegal immigrants inland from the border yet Homeland Security officials say this is no good. These types of arrests have not been "approved" by Homeland Security.

What? The Border Patrol is not allowed to arrest illegal immigrants wherever they find them? Are there illegal immigrant arrest-only zones that I don't know about? They are illegal aliens. Get it? I bet Al Qaeda is just loving this.

Daniel V. Shannon


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