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A Dove in the Hand Is Worth Two Bushes

August 12, 2004

Re "In the Cold War, Kerry Froze," Commentary, Aug. 10: Joshua Muravchik calls John Kerry "dovish" and states that "the Cold War also provides our best measuring stick for estimating how Kerry might perform as commander in chief, and in that conflict Kerry's instincts were always awry."

If not signing up to the invasion of Grenada and the billions spent on the "Star Wars" program is being a dove, then give me a dove anytime.

If being a dove is not starting unnecessary wars, then give me a dove.

If being a dove is having a strong and valid plan to win the peace when you do start a war, then give me a dove.

If a dove contemplates the cost of war (in lives and dollars) and makes all attempts to avoid war, and works with the nations of the world to resolve problems, then give me a dove anytime.

Gordon Uscier

Wuerzburg, Germany

The twisted logic of John Kerry's apparent solution to our involvement in the Iraq war leaves me dizzy. Kerry tells us over and over that the war in Iraq is illegal, ill advised, ill conceived and overall a terrible mistake. Yet at the same time, his "solution" is to supplant our troops with those of our allied nations. Why would any country support America with troops in a war that the president of the United States himself has characterized as a terrible mistake?

Apparently Kerry believes that all he has to do is ask other nations to support a cause that he himself doesn't support and those other nations will be standing in line to send us their troops. I challenge anyone to name a legitimate nation that would buy into this type of reasoning.

Neal Rein

Westlake Village

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