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Intelligence 'Fix' Fails to Inspire Confidence

August 13, 2004

Re "Officials Debate Spy Czar Plan," Aug. 11: It is disconcerting to me that the decision-makers are focusing so much of the debate on whether or not centralizing the intelligence community is the best remedy for our national intelligence breakdowns. I fear that this more bureaucratic "fix" will not address the cultural issues that are fundamental and foundational (e.g., more open communication, more decentralized decision-making, quicker response time, shared responsibilities).

If defense and effectively addressing the terrorist issues are indeed a high priority, I would like to see equal time given to deciding on ways to fix the cultural issues that have plagued our intelligence community for years.

Karl Strandberg

Long Beach

Re "Bush Selects Congressman to Head CIA," Aug. 11: Rep. Porter J. Goss (R-Fla.) is an excellent choice to head the CIA. Too bad the job has about as much tenure as a Hollywood studio exec who green-lights a big-budget film that's lackluster at the box office.

Mike Nally

Garden Grove

So the guy whose lame leadership of the House Intelligence Committee for the past seven years, also known as the weakest, misdirected and sloppiest years at the CIA, is being honored with the responsibility to champion the new and improved CIA? Was Dan Quayle not available?

Stuart Fink

Los Angeles

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