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Curbs on Wal-Mart

August 13, 2004

Los Angeles City Council members want an anti-Wal-Mart ordinance because they claim to be concerned about the effect on neighborhood businesses (Aug. 12). For decades, they've known that small businesses have been burdened with a mountain of federal and state regulations regarding payroll, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, American With Disabilities Act, Family Leave Act and the crushing workers' comp system.

But now that Wal-Mart wants to come to town, they suddenly are concerned about the plight of the small-business owner. Either they are being politically expedient or Hades has frozen over.

Mark A. Overturf


So, the L.A. council votes to restrict Wal-Mart until it submits studies that the council will vote on? Most of us see through this union-sponsored smoke screen. The whole thing stinks!

Gerry Wallace

Long Beach

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