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Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Disappoints

August 14, 2004

Re "State's High Court Voids S.F. Same-Sex Marriages," Aug. 13: Though Thursday's court decision was expected, it is unfortunate for so many families. We can only hope that future court decisions support same-sex marriages. People need to separate their religious beliefs from civil law.

We know too many loving, caring families that are as much a family as ours. The only difference is both parents are of the same sex. So what. They love each other. Their children are loved and nurtured. Why can't these families have the same legal protection as ours. I'm not sure what people are afraid of. This restriction that hurts real families needs to end.

It took over 350 years for some to realize that the Inquisition was not a good idea. Hopefully, rational thought on gay marriage is not that far away.

Peter Friedkin

Laguna Niguel

The Supreme Court cited the rule of law while annulling the same-sex marriages performed in San Francisco. At the same time, the court trampled the due process rights of the newlyweds whom it refused to hear on the issue. In the end, it appears the only thing truly null and void is the decency and humanity of the court.

(We were married on Feb. 13, 2004.)

Mikko Alanne

Ari Solomon

West Hollywood

My ex-husband and I are very happy that we had the chance to be married since Valentine's Day. I'm extremely upset at Thursday's decision; it is very upsetting to anyone to have a court tear apart your marriage without your consent or input.

My fiance and I are looking forward to remarrying as soon as we can get a license. In the meantime, we'll go back to "living in sin" while we try to figure out what to do with the wedding presents. How did Britney Spears handle that part of her annulment?

Jim Smith

West Hollywood

I sympathize with the couples whose marriages were overturned in Thursday's ruling by the California justices. It's a sad state of affairs when a couple's only public vehicle for recognizing their union is ripped by those whose opinions, by their very nature, are far too invasive into the individual's private space.

I find it hard, however, to completely understand why the gay community cannot be content with domestic partnerships. It seems that a lot of energy and time to gain equality under marriage has been ill spent on an institution that has clearly not proven to be as solid as one would like to think it to be in this society. It's just bad business. Invest elsewhere.

Let's be content and work for equality under the law; let's not try to get the principles of religion involved.

Robert Montoya

Echo Park

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