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Sensitive to Cheney's Criticism of Kerry

August 16, 2004

Re "Bush Campaign Steps Up Attacks as Kerry Gains in Polls," Aug. 16: Vice President Dick Cheney engages in distorting Sen. John Kerry's comment about the U.S. having to be more sensitive toward engaging in world issues. Ironically, the hallmark of the current White House administration is insensitivity. This alone has caused our beloved country to be loathed in the world as never before. Incidentally, they accomplished this in a mere four years in office.

Manuel E. Nunes

Garden Grove

What is wrong with Kerry? When he was asked if, knowing what he now knows about WMD, he would have given the president the OK to go to war, Kerry declares that he would still vote the same way! He took a golden opportunity and trashed it.

Mary L. Santoni


Re "California Helps Kerry Set Fundraising Records," Aug. 11: I guess the Democrats are not concerned about campaign finance reform. How much money have the Democrats raised? Has any single Republican matched the donation of billionaire George Soros to Democratic advocacy groups?

Mary Burke-Farrell


The Times on Aug. 13 reports Bush saying about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and himself: "We both have trouble with the English language." The governor's excuse is that he was born in Austria. What's Bush's?

Clara Wines

Los Angeles

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