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Time Will Erode Bans on Same-Sex Marriage

August 16, 2004

Re "State's High Court Voids S.F. Same-Sex Marriages," Aug. 13: In 1967 in an unanimous decision the U.S. Supreme Court declared a Virginia law against interracial marriage invalid as denying equal protection under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. These laws were previously upheld under many of the arguments used against gay marriage at the present time.

I have known many gay couples who have been together for 30 and more years. I shall save legal arguments for the future, but I believe that just as the laws against racial intermarriage were struck down by the U.S. and California supreme courts, the ones prohibiting gay marriage will land in the dustbin of invalid laws. The Declaration of Independence states that every person is entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is a part of the organic law of the United States of America.

Herbert E. Selwyn


Marriage ... "beware ye who enter here." After 10 years of living together, my husband and I married. We understood that the title "married" was meaningful, but that it was also a public badge worn by the unworthy. Our family and friends celebrated the event with us, and nine years later, through life's ups and downs, our commitment and love still grows. We are constantly reminded by the media of unfaithfulness, disrespect, abuse and even murder among married couples, but we still celebrate the term. Over the years our "marriage" has become its own entity -- much greater than the sum of its parts.

What cruelty would block anyone else from setting out on this rough yet rewarding path? Is it insecurity? It is certainly too mean-spirited to be called "Christ-like," and it can't hide beneath the guise of "spirituality" without bringing on a belly laugh.

Whatever it is, we should direct all this negative energy toward being better companions -- and let gay couples celebrate (and prove) their love the way we do.

Deb Deets

El Segundo

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