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Wong's iconic plates, and a lucky dragon

August 19, 2004

I was very happy The Times wrote about Tyrus Wong, who has made art accessible to everyone ("From Kitchen Cabinet to Museum Display Case," by Barbara King, Aug. 12).

Next time you are in Chinatown, go to the United Savings Bank at 951 N. Broadway and see the dragon mural that Wong captured for all to see. Dragons are a symbol of good luck, and some of that luck must have rubbed off on Tyrus Wong.

Thomas Edward Wall

Rancho Palos Verdes


I was just going through today's paper before calling it a night and on the front page of the Home section saw the words "Harwell Harris" ("When Houses Are Cousins"), whose name my father often mentioned when I was a kid, so I felt compelled to at least skim the section.

What a surprise to see my father's plates on the second page of Home. Barbara King covered a lot in her column, including his sense of humor and modesty along with his history and art and his amazing energy.

We, his daughters, are so lucky that he's in such great shape physically and mentally, at 93.

Thank you for the nice article on my Dad.

Tai-Ling Wong

Los Angeles

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