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Merger Aids Nonprofit Resource Organization

August 19, 2004|Erin Ailworth | Times Staff Writer

The Institute for Healthcare Advancement did what many nonprofits do: helped those of limited means.

In this case, that just happened to be another nonprofit, the La Habra Family Resource Center, a free medical and social services organization.

The center, which was housed at Imperial Middle School, had been plagued with money issues since losing funding in 2003 after its grant writer was stricken with cancer and missed a deadline by four hours.

Without the $225,000 in county money, the center cut staff and services and reduced hours. It was scheduled to close June 30. Then the institute, which focuses on healthcare access and education, stepped in.

Last month, the center moved into the institute's offices in La Habra, where it has been absorbed into the larger organization. However, it did retain its name.

Institute President Gloria Gilbert Mayer said her organization hopes to restore and expand the services the center offered.

In addition to helping about 5,000 people in La Habra, Fullerton and Brea obtain medical insurance and assistance, staff members navigate legal systems, make home visits to check on a family's welfare and provide transportation to job interviews and medical appointments.

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