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It's the Wrong Climate for Changing Our Ways

August 20, 2004

Re: "Risk to State Dire in Climate Study," Aug. 17. The article was clear and frightening.

On the one hand, we have the National Academy of Sciences, a MacArthur fellow and experts from Stanford, UC Berkeley, Scripps, the U.S. government forestry lab in Corvallis, Ore., (noticeably far from Washington, D.C.) and other well-regarded research institutes. On the other, we have congressmen and senators, i.e., Tom DeLay and James M. Inhofe, who regularly deny the existence of human-induced warming.

We, a far too passive public, are indeed the frog in the gradually warming pan of water while our oil-soaked "leaders" can't see beyond their next fundraiser.

Robert Siebert



In California, the population is soaring, which only means the use of more natural resources. What is anybody doing about population growth?

People complain about carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect, then buy ever larger homes and cars, which only results in more carbon dioxide.

People buy high-tech wonders and eat meat, oblivious to the resources it took to produce them.

When people take the environment seriously, they will do something about it. In the meantime, prepare for the worst.

Daniel Barker

Lakeland, Fla.

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