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Critical pirouette?

August 21, 2004

What purpose does a bitterly sarcastic critique of a local professional dance company serve? ["Choreography Steps Over Its Own Feelings" by Lewis Segal, Aug. 9.]

Just the day before, Segal wrote of the [dwindling] funding of arts in Los Angeles and its effect on the dance community.

In his very next article, he personally attacked the artistic sensibilities of choreographer-dancer Regina Klenjoski, a longtime contributor to the L.A. dance community.

Not only has Klenjoski sustained a company since 1999 (now regularly employing six dancers), her residency in the Torrance Cultural Arts Center provides affordable dance education for youth.

These contributions will continue in the face of the decreased government funding on which Segal so eloquently reported.

Laura M. Dennis

Redondo Beach

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