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Humming Along With No Care for the Earth

August 21, 2004

Re "It's Big, It's Thirsty, It's the Hummer -- an American Excess Story," Commentary, Aug. 18: I found Patt Morrison's article on the H2 to be funny, yet serious -- a real tale of American conspicuous consumption with an attitude of, "Oink, oink, I don't care."

In these times of dwindling oil resources and vehicle-caused pollution, I don't think it's a stretch to conclude that owning and driving an oversized, gas-guzzling SUV such as the H2 is a vehicular form eco-terrorism.

Morrison's choice "b" for driving one -- "Exercising my God-given American right to make free choices, even moronic ones" -- is perfect!

Patrick C. Murphy

San Gabriel


Morrison poses an important question: Can we afford to drive vehicles like the Hummer, which deepen our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, pollute our skies and increase global warming?

Even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger owned up to the harmful effect of the vehicle last year when he promised to convert at least one of his seven Hummers to a zero-emission example for others to emulate. Sadly, a year after making that promise, Schwarzenegger has yet to keep it.

Why can't Schwarzenegger convert even one of his Hummers? He may want to update his staff on his promise. While he's at it, maybe he can let the rest of us know why he has not kept it.

Tom Foran

San Diego

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