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Bush Ignores the Oil Dependency Crisis

August 21, 2004

Regarding his Aug. 17 cartoon on U.S. oil dependency: Does Michael Ramirez realize he cannot have his cake and eat it too?

As he relentlessly pumps up the Bush administration and degrades the Kerry campaign, he throws nuggets like these at us. Does he truly believe that this pending threat is beyond our control?

President Bush and Vice President Cheney are oilmen. The Bush family goes back generations with the Saudi royal family. It is clear that the current administration has let its constituents know that they should "get while the gettin' is good."

We need an administration and policy that see this looming threat that Ramirez depicts and are set on changing its course.

Dan O'Mara

Agoura Hills


Many thanks to The Times for publishing the cartoons of Michael Ramirez.

Because of your help, I don't have to watch Fox News to discover the Republican Party line.

Jim Devine


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