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With Payton, Laker Drama Never Ends

August 21, 2004

How Mitch Kupchak Got Played by the Celtics:

Danny Ainge: GP, what's up?

Gary Payton: I'm cool, just chilling. When do I have to take the physical?

Ainge: Hey, take it Friday and the Lakers mess with you. Take it Monday, and we mess up the Lakers.

GP: Monday it is!


Ainge: Look Mitch, Payton won't show up for the physical. We're not even sure if he will report to camp. This is too risky. I'll accept the risk if you give me Kobe.

Mitch: Let me think about it.

Ainge: I'll tell you what. Keep Kobe, just give me back Banks and my second-round pick, and since I like you Mitch, you can take Jumaine Jones, who I was going to cut anyway.

Mitch: You mean I get to keep Kobe and get Jumaine? Deal!

Kevin Trac

West Covina


Just when I thought the tumultuous Laker sea had calmed down, leave it to Mr. Malcontent to jump overboard and pull the rest of us Laker fans with him.

He couldn't stand it that the Lakers were finally rid of him, so he had to kick them below the belt just one more time.

Rick Solomon

Silver Lake


Mr. Kupchak, Mr. Payton recently stated that he would not have exercised his option and instead would have tried to work out a deal with the Warriors if he had known his future with the Lakers was in any doubt.

Because Mr. Payton is now threatening to retire rather than ever don Celtic green, perhaps you can get the trade rescinded and work out a deal with Mr. Mullin to return Mr. Fisher to the Lakers, where he belongs.

Andrew Kraslavsky

Laguna Niguel


I agree with Gary Payton that he should get to keep playing pro basketball in L.A. wearing the purple and gold. I'm just not sure the Sparks would want him either.

Monte Whaley

Redondo Beach

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