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2 Iraqi Officials Targeted

Both escape harm in separate bombings that kill at least three others in Baghdad.

August 24, 2004|From a Times Staff Writer

BAGHDAD — Bombers targeted the interim Iraqi government ministers for environment and education in two separate incidents this morning, their offices said.

Neither minister was injured but at least three other people were killed in the attacks.

Earlier this week, the deputy mayor of Baqubah was similarly targeted by a car bomb. He also survived.

The interim Environment minister, Mishkat Moumin, was targeted by a suicide car bomber as she was leaving the government compound where many ministers live in the Baghdad neighborhood known as Qadisiya.

At least two people were killed and at least three were injured, witnesses said. The explosion was so powerful it sent parts of the suicide bomber over the compound's high walls.

"This area has never seen an explosion before. It was always calm and peaceful," said Ahmed Khalid, 19, a student.

The interim education minister, Sami Mudhaffar, was targeted in western Baghdad as he was going to work.

A secretary in the minister's office said that a roadside bomb was probably placed in the path of the minister's car. One Iraqi national guardsman died in the attack and three others in the minister's security detail were injured. Three cars were incinerated.

There was no immediate speculation on who might have been responsible for either bombing.

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