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School Drug 'Stings' Serve a Purpose

August 25, 2004

Re "Dubious 'Stings' at Schools," editorial, Aug 20: It is unfortunate that the Los Angeles Unified School District's chief legal counsel has chosen to weigh in against the continuation of the LAPD-LAUSD "School Buy" program. Certain assumptions about the program made by Kevin Reed and The Times vary from the facts:

* The LAUSD School Police Department is involved.

* Arrests of significant drug providers in the community have occurred.

* Drug availability and trafficking have been reduced on campuses.

* Overworked school administrators are provided with an effective program to prevent the flow of drugs onto their campuses.

Perhaps the district needs to do a better job of informing all students and parents of the consequences received by students who are apprehended for selling drugs on campus. Let's not dismiss an effective program; rather let's enhance communication efforts of the district and ensure that the LAPD officers have the appropriate training.

Dan Isaacs

Associated Administrators of Los Angeles

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