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They're all political animals

August 26, 2004

All right, Robert! Welcome to the club!

Yeah, I know "Finally in Touch With My Inner Republican" (Aug. 19) was really satire (and good satire at that). I am a Republican but cannot stand most of the same things Robert Masello lampooned.

I peruse three newspapers a day and minimize my TV exposure.

The reality is that we have few statesmen who devote themselves to public service regardless of party. How do we recapture those folks that put the good of the country before all else?

Greg Polito



Ah, it wasn't just the humor of it all. I walk the darned line of being a half-and-half on so many issues, so while I was laughing at Robert Masello's words, I had to take some of them literally.

He cheered up this retired teacher who would like to smack the whole world into civility and sense with a giant ruler.

Elaine S. Wiener

Villa Park


Why Robert Masello's article was in the Calendar Weekend section, I cannot guess. It seems inappropriate to force the blatant liberalism slant of The Times in a section that should be devoid of political commentary.

I suggest Masello keep a copy of his article for his personal archives. It might be entertaining to see if he still shares the same viewpoints 10 or 20 years from now. Sometimes people really do see "the light." I was a registered Democrat for almost 15 years until I found, to my surprise, that my values had matured and there was a better way.

Michael Wilson

Huntington Beach

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