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August 27, 2004

Cable boost


The average total viewership for NBC's Summer Olympics coverage from Athens was more than 26 million through the first 12 days, 14% ahead of the 22.9 million who tuned in for the network's coverage of the Sydney games in 2000. But NBC's cable networks, which have also carried extensive Olympics programming, have benefitted as well.


For first 11 days of Olympics coverage

USA Network

Avg. viewers pre-Olympics: 633,000

Avg. viewers for Olympics: 765,000


Avg. viewers pre-Olympics: 34,000

Avg. viewers for Olympics: 602,000


Avg. viewers pre-Olympics: 163,000

Avg. viewers for Olympics: 512,000


Avg. viewers pre-Olympics: 137,000

Avg. viewers for Olympics: 441,000


Source: Nielsen Media Research

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