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A Lighthearted Spot Taken Too Seriously

August 29, 2004

In response to "Not So Fast! GM Pulls Corvette Ad After Protests," Aug. 26:

My wife and I saw that commercial, and we both thought it was cute. I was amazed by the protests by consumer and safety groups.

For gosh sakes, lighten up! It was just depicting a young boy's dream and fantasy. Doesn't every young boy dream of a Corvette? Were these folks ever young, or were they all born as grumpy old adults?

Don't get me wrong. I take driving safety very seriously. I'm a police officer and spent many years of my career in the traffic bureau as an accident investigator.

It saddened me to see that General Motors Corp. gave in to the pressure and pulled the ad.

Bill Hufnagel


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