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Branded a winner

August 29, 2004

As a person who has made a career out of lifestyle marketing and is trying to help brands move culture, I enjoyed Gina Piccalo's Sunday read ("The Pitch That You Won't See Coming," Aug. 22). Consumers want brands that care to have a conversation and share their experience. Invite and not tell. Two-way is the way to go.

Brad Fox


Brad Fox is the director of new business development at the George P. Johnson Co., an integrated event marketing agency.


Although it's true that visionaries in advertising and marketing see the future, there's tremendous inertia within corporations to keep doing things the same old way. But I'm certain the good people at CP+B will be sending Piccalo's piece around. Ditto, Chiat.

Lawrence Dietz

Santa Monica

Lawrence Dietz wrote "Soda Pop; the History, Advertising, Art, and Memorabilia of Soft Drinks in America."

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