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Campaign Is Ignoring the Immigration Issue

August 29, 2004

In his never-ending defense of illegal aliens, Steve Lopez states in his Aug. 25 column ("No Quick, Cheap Fixes for Healthcare") that "I can't find anybody who can prove whether the costs outweigh the benefits." Well, when you are blind to facts, you can't. Numerous studies and realities prove that costs far outweigh benefits not only in economic terms but social ones as well.

How did our country survive years ago when there weren't millions of illegal aliens here and before they depressed wages for so many jobs? How do the areas in the country that don't have a lot of illegal aliens get along? Maybe when most of California cities look like Third World countries and most of our incomes go to pay taxes he will open his eyes. On second thought, Lopez won't see that either.

By the way, I don't have a nanny, housekeeper or gardener. Somehow I survive just fine, thank you.

Terry Maxson

West Covina


Once again during an election campaign, the issue of illegal immigration is being shunted by both presidential candidates. This problem has grown to uncontrollable proportions and should now be treated as a national emergency.

It cries for action rather than a debate on such mundane trivia as Vietnam service more than 30 years ago. The politicians must outline in detail what they intend to do about this critical problem.

It continues for the most part unabated and erodes the very principle of citizenship and the American way of life, in addition to the grave threat it presents in fighting terrorism.

We can no longer afford to continually put off meaningful action on this growing problem; it must be dealt with immediately by our elected officials.

William P. Mouzis

Lake Balboa

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