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The Famous Son of a Famous Father

August 31, 2004

Re "In His Father's Shadow, a Son Charts His Course," Aug. 29: When an administration official dismissed the torture allegations at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq as nothing worse than fraternity pranks, I assumed he was trying to minimize the soldiers' actions.

However, after reading the article wherein President Bush defended "the practice of branding fraternity pledges with red-hot coat hangers," I feel I must reconsider my assessment.

John Weinell

Dana Point


You won't find anyone with an open mind who truly believes this president's approach to the job is reflective of his father's. In fact, only scattered voices in the extreme left continue to speak of the two men when analyzing their terms in office.

Interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi "has done a lot of good with an extremely weak hand," according to the article "Iraq's Premier Receives High Marks From U.S.," Aug. 29. This statement is from a source that The Times openly admits is a critic of the administration's Middle East policy. Allawi is clearly supported by the American government and the most powerful military this planet has ever known. The Times' choice to prominently present this tainted, subjective and clearly absurd view as its source for analysis is indicative of its lack of focus.

In their zealous passion to oppose this president, Times' editors have lost their way, forgetting that one of the first responsibilities of news organizations is to report news based on fact and credible sources. You lose respect of intelligent readers when you abuse your position in reporting news, and instead lead less-intelligent readers to partisan conclusions based on subjective and maniacal reporting.

Chris Atherton

Simi Valley


Where did George Bush get his Texas drawl? His father doesn't have it. His mother doesn't have it. His brother doesn't have it. And they all lived in Texas too. Wow, that's really weird.

So where did George Bush get his Texas drawl? In his imagination, that's where. He made it up. It's fake. A lie. Just like his reason for going to war with Iraq. Just like his rationale for cutting taxes on the wealthy. Just like his denial of any connection with the so-called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Just like his feigned concern for the plight of hard-working Americans whose right to overtime pay he just abolished. Just like his disgraceful service record in the National Guard.

Well, you've got to hand it to him -- he's consistent.

April Garrett

Woodland Hills


Re "Bush Bows to Rival's 'Heroic' Military Service," Aug. 29: I am tired of reading about Bush and the National Guard. Let us read about what Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and Bush want to do for us, the people. Tell us of your ideals, what you stand for and what you want to do for our country. Then we, the people, can decide whom we want in office. Right now I want Bush. Let's see if Kerry can change my mind. No flip-flop, just straight talk.

Sally Estes

Sun Valley


In your article about Bush's ambivalent relationship with his father, Times staff writer Robin Abcarian observes: "Traditionally, the family has been sensitive to linking the father too closely with the son, fearing it would build the perception that the second President Bush has inherited, not earned, his office."

Inherited his office? Don't be silly. He got it the old-fashioned way: He stole it.

J. G. Berinstein


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