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Olympian's Mother Deserves a Medal

August 31, 2004

Re "A Dometown Girl," Aug. 28: The article about Olympian Joanna Hayes showed a large picture of her father, Ted Hayes, above a much smaller picture of Joanna. The article went on to describe the impact of Joanna's accomplishments on Dome Village people.

The article told how her mother was abandoned with four children and supported them as a substitute teacher. That was all you wrote about her mother; everything else was about Ted Hayes. Why would you celebrate a father and picture his pride when it was her mother that held the family together?

Rosemary Christensen

San Dimas


Joanna Hayes' golden accomplishment in Athens should be able to help her media-savvy activist father hurdle the difficulty of getting much-needed funds to help the homeless. His continuing efforts to help address the growing homelessness problem is commendable.

Lino S. Paras


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