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The Outrage of Outsourced Jobs

August 31, 2004

Re "Office of Tomorrow Has an Address in India," Aug. 29: In their zeal to offshore jobs to India and elsewhere, I wonder how many of the participating corporations have a contingency plan to deal with the inevitable fallout of their actions.

Perhaps the most viable argument against off-shoring jobs is that U.S. law has no bearing on people and companies working in other countries such as India. What plan do these corporations have to fight espionage and other illegal activities that are sure to follow this trend? When an Indian or Chinese tech worker steals sensitive information or programs, who are the corporations going to sue? Do they really believe that a foreign worker will be inclined to put the needs of a U.S.-based company over his own?

In their lust to ever increase corporate profits, these companies are trading long-term security and protection of U.S. law for a few dollars in the short term. I don't think it takes an Einstein to see the folly in this course of action.

Greg Grasmehr

Los Angeles


I want to thank people like Joe Sigelman at OfficeTiger for working so hard to send all those high-paying, white-collar jobs over to India, freeing up our workforce to think deep thoughts and discover new paradigms. Or is it think deep-fat fryer thoughts and discover how to get by on a pair of dimes?

Whatever, these guys are obviously true patriots.

David A. Lathrap

San Diego

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