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New York Protesters Spark Pride and Contempt

August 31, 2004

Re "Anti-Bush Protesters Fill N.Y. Streets," Aug. 30: It is so gratifying to see ordinary Americans protesting in the streets of New York City the ill-conceived policies of the Bush administration. These are not anarchists, as the Republicans would like us to believe. They are just fed up with President Bush and his hypocritical posturing.

Reading their sincere banners and handmade signs made me want to hop on the next plane to join them in their valiant effort. I can support them only in heart, mind and spirit and fervently hope that the American electorate will vote to rid us of George W. Bush and his lies, deceit, failures and all-around inept domestic and foreign policies.

Edna M. Tobias

Hermosa Beach


Is there any more clear and convincing evidence that our country is safe, sound and headed in the right direction under the leadership of Bush than the spectacle of thousands of John Kerry-supporting, left-wing extremists protesting in New York? Free speech and the right to assemble should be cherished and not reduced to the traditional liberal, low-budget behavior replayed now in New York.

John Moran

Thousand Oaks

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