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The Inside Track

Dodgers Headed to KCAL

December 01, 2004|Larry Stewart

The Dodgers will switch over-the-air television stations in 2006, going from KCOP, Channel 13, to KCAL, Channel 9.

The team and KCAL have entered into an eight-year agreement that runs from 2006 through the 2013 season, it was announced Tuesday night.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Channel 13's three-year contract with the Dodgers expired after this year's season. But Channel 13 will televise the Dodgers again in 2005 because Channel 9 is committed to carrying the Angels for one more season.

Channel 13, which wrested Dodger television rights away from Channel 5 before the 2002 season, paid an average of about $8 million a year for TV rights.

Sources said Channel 9 would pay substantially more.

Channel 13 televised 50 regular-season games this year, with FSN West 2 carrying 94. That setup will remain about the same under the Dodgers' new deal with Channel 9. FSN West 2's contract with the Dodgers also runs through 2013.

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