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Now Baseball May Get Tested

Selig wants to toughen up on steroids after reports that Giambi admitted steroid use to grand jury and Bonds admitted using substances from his trainer.

December 03, 2004|Tim Brown | Times Staff Writer

* July 6, 2004 -- USA Track & Field announced it would not seek suspensions before the U.S. Olympic trials against any of the six U.S. athletes facing doping charges. Craig Masback, the USATF's chief executive, said he did not believe the organization had the legal right to provisional suspensions.

* July 17, 2004 -- Jacobs accepted a four-year ban after testing positive for THG, although she had already retired.

* July 22, 2004 -- C.J. Hunter, Jones' former husband, told federal agents she used performance-enhancing drugs during the time she won five medals at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, according to a report. Jones' attorney dismissed the allegations.

* Oct. 5, 2004 -- Yankee Gary Sheffield said he unknowingly used an illegal testosterone-based cream provided by BALCO.

* Oct. 19, 2004 -- Harrison accepted a four-year suspension for doping violations.

* Dec. 2, 2004 -- Giambi testified that he had used steroids, according to a grand jury transcript reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle. Meanwhile, Conte told the ABC News show "20/20" that he had seen Jones inject herself in the leg with human growth hormone, a charge Jones' attorneys denied.

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