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What happened on December 05, 2004












  • Bestsellers / Paperbacks

  • Bestsellers

  • Culinary books that more than measure up Regina Schrambling, Regina Schrambling writes about food for the Los Angeles Times, Metropolitan Home and other publications.

  • Oases spanning the centuries Kristina Lindgren, Kristina Lindgren is an assistant editor of Book Review.

  • Beyond nuts and bolts to grace and glamour Dan Neil, Dan Neil is The Times' automotive critic. He was awarded the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

  • Nonfiction James Mann; Richard Brookhiser; Amy Wilentz; Mark Arax; Richard Howard; Benjamin Schwarz; Robert Christgau; John Rechy; Robert Finch; Douglas Brinkley; Edward Lazarus; Gary Indiana; Nicholas Meyer; Mary Lee Settle; Edmund Fawcett; Claire Panosian Dunavan; Stanley I. Kutler; Herbert Mitgang; Robert Scheer; Nicholas Goldberg; Anthony Pagden; Tom Nolan; David Thomson; Fred Anderson; Ronald Radosh; Chris Suellentrop; Kevin Starr

  • Not just politics as usual Nicholas Goldberg, Nicholas Goldberg is Op-Ed editor of The Times.

  • Hot on the mystery trail Eugen Weber, Eugen Weber is a contributing writer to Book Review.

  • Pictures with a story to tell Louise Roug, Louise Roug is a Times staff writer for Calendar.

  • The place we call home Jonathan Kirsch, Jonathan Kirsch, a contributing writer to Book Review, is the author of, most recently, "God Against the Gods: The History of the War Between Monotheism and Polytheism."

  • A year of remarkable poetry Carol Muske-Dukes, Carol Muske-Dukes is the author of "Sparrow: Poems."

  • Where stories got their start Nick Owchar, Nick Owchar is acting deputy editor of Book Review.

  • 'Sammy' still running strong Richard Schickel, Richard Schickel is a film critic for Time and a contributing writer to Book Review.

  • The art world's collective wisdom Christopher Knight, Christopher Knight is The Times' art critic.

  • Fiction Peter Green; Jaroslaw Anders; Tom Nolan; Bernadette Murphy; Heller McAlpin; Merle Rubin; Herbert Gold; Francie Lin; Gary Indiana; Richard Schickel; Michael Harris; Jane Ciabattari; Thomas Curwen; Michael Gorra; Daniel Schifrin; David Freeman; Daphne Merkin; Greil Marcus; Rebecca Pawel; Kai Maristed

  • Her words brought to life Paula L. Woods, Paula L. Woods is the author of "Dirty Laundry."


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