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Customers Moving On as Market Strike Lingers

February 15, 2004

In response to "Supermarkets Reject Union Bid for Binding Arbitration," Feb. 5:

Among people I've talked with, the action was met with a giant yawn aimed at both sides.

Four months ago we cared, then we became annoyed. Now we're just uninterested.

To the strikers and the grocers, I can only say: Thanks for the relationship we once had. Too bad I probably won't be back.

Lee Watters

Los Angeles


After respecting the picket lines, I went into my neighborhood Pavilions market for some lunch supplies for my kids.

I was amazed at the deterioration and uncleanliness of the Beverly Hills store.

Not only was there no turkey available in the deli department, but also the temp employee didn't know what "smoked" or "honey smoked" were.

I will certainly not return to this market.

Wall Street loves what these corporate chief executives are doing by holding out. Has anyone considered that the destruction of one's customer base may not be such a great business plan after all?

Mark Grossan

Via e-mail

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