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Making a production of itself

February 15, 2004|Steve Hochman | Special to The Times

Meanwhile, Lava Records hopes to get radio play for the song, despite its lack of any conventional release. In addition, it's being featured as an encore in shows O.A.R. and Randolph have been playing together. A live O.A.R. album is scheduled for June release, with plans for the band to make a studio album later in the year.

Not ready for prime time

When he was cast as a fascistic politician for Incubus' "Megalomaniac" video, Jim Green had no idea that his bald head would become culturally linked with Janet Jackson's bared breast. But the video is one of several that have been banished by MTV to nighttime-only airing in the wake of the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction.

MTV representatives have not given any specifics as to why the video was ghettoized along with sexually suggestive matter. The concern may stem from interpretations of Green's character as an unflattering parody of President Bush -- something the band vehemently denies -- or images of Adolph Hitler.

But in terms of eroticism, Green's dome is the only exposed skin in the clip.

"We're joined at the hip," the L.A.-based actor quips of his unlikely link to Jackson. "Thankfully, though, I'm anonymous -- not so thankfully, as far as my agent's concerned."

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