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Hypocrisy on Gay Marriage

February 28, 2004

In recommending a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages (Feb. 25), President Bush has once again shown us all that he is more interested in pleasing his conservative backers and contributors than he is in doing anything to help the nation. He is willing to waste Congress' time debating this issue when there are so many other things Congress needs to be concerned about: healthcare, education, job loss, terrorism and fighting all over the world, the environment -- just to name a few.

Bush seems more interested in forcing his brand of religion on this nation rather than directing his attention to issues that affect millions. His term in office has clearly shown he is no leader of the people except in matters, such as abortion and gay marriage, that spring directly from his religious beliefs. He might do a better job as a minister; in my opinion he could hardly do a worse job as a president.

Fran Gale

Laguna Niguel

How can so many politicians say, "I support gay rights but I'm against gay marriage" and not get called on their hypocrisy?

Gay marriage is about letting gays and lesbians fully participate in our society. It's about being allowed access to the same benefits and protections (federal, state, city and private) that everyone else has access to. How can you be "for gay rights" but willing to deny gays those benefits?

"Civil unions" or "domestic partnerships" are halfway measures that have been created because gays have not been allowed to get married.

Though the state could use civil unions to grant state benefits, these would not give gays the federal, local or private benefits (and responsibilities) that marriage would automatically bring.

Fairness demands allowing everyone in this country access to the same benefits and the same institutions. That's what equal rights are all about.

Peter Jackson


Most of the Constitution guarantees rights and freedoms to individuals and states. Sometimes we don't like it, but it's what's needed to keep the government under control.

Now the neocons, Bush in particular, want to start taking away rights and freedoms from individuals and states, little by little. Where are all the conservatives who are always calling for government to get off their backs?

Paul Lux

Thousand Oaks

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