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Guard's Killing Prompts Offer of Reward

Brink's puts up $100,000 for information leading to the robber who shot the security company's employee at a Riverside grocery store.

January 13, 2004|Sandra Murillo | Times Staff Writer

As members of the victim's family looked on, Riverside police announced a $100,000 reward for information leading to the man who killed an armored car guard in a crowded supermarket last week.

Brink's guard Corey Medlock died from a gunshot wound to the head early Friday. He had been delivering money to the Food 4 Less when he was shot from behind, police said.

"I just want to let everybody know that it's hard to put into words what we're feeling right now," said Medlock's older brother Tom, an armored car guard for an undisclosed company.

"Corey was a 28-year-old kid with a craving for life. I just hope that nobody out there has to feel the way I feel."

The reward is being financed by Brink's, police said.

"As you know, Corey Medlock was basically executed at the Food 4 Less on Jan. 8," Riverside Police Sgt. Steve Johnson said. "This was a brutal, brutal killing, and the additional $100,000 reward will undoubtedly" bring information.

Dozens of employees and shoppers at the market in the 4200 block of Van Buren Boulevard saw the shooting.

The killer wore sunglasses and a baseball cap and either had shoulder-length hair or wore a wig, police said.

He ran out a rear door and escaped.

He did not get a substantial amount of money, authorities said, but they would not specify how much.

Police found the getaway car, which had been stolen, Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of a Riverside business.

Johnson said police have been working nonstop on the case.

On Sunday, while serving a search warrant related to the Medlock shooting, they shot their way into a trailer home in Rubidoux only to find out the people they were looking for no longer lived there, and the trailer had new residents.

At the press conference Monday, Johnson alluded to the incident.

"Occasionally things happen during investigations that inconvenience lives," Johnson said. "If that happened during this investigation, we apologize. We're doing our best to solve this case."

Anyone with information is asked to call Riverside police at (909) 320-8038 or (909) 787-7911.

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