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Moving fast, at 33 rpm

January 15, 2004|Jessica Hundley | Special to The Times

In the end Stones Throw's success has come without much concern for massive promotional campaigns or executive strategies for moving more units. Instead Manak and his crew are simply releasing music for true music lovers.

"We just sort of take it one step at a time," Alapatt says. "If we like something, whether it's a kid in Canada making music in his bedroom or an old funk band from Nebraska -- we try the best we can to get it out there."


Stones Throw Records

Notable upcoming releases

Charizma, "Big Shots": Recorded between 1991 and 1993, this is the lost full-length album from Charizma and producer Peanut Butter Wolf (then known as DJ Chris Cut).

A stellar piece of '90s Northern Cali hip-hop and a labor of love for the label staff.

L.A. Carnival, "Would Like to Pose a Question": The full-length album from Midwest psychedelic/funk wonders. Recorded in 1970 in Omaha, and never before released.

Madvillain: The much anticipated collaboration between Madlib and the former KMD MC, MF Doom.

The Third Unheard: A compilation featuring selections from the early days of the Connecticut hip-hop. Includes some of the finest DJs and MCs from this unsung chapter in New England hip-hop history.


Upcoming show

Who: Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf, Egon

Where: Park Plaza, 607 Park View St.,

Los Angeles

When: Jan. 30, 9 p.m.

Info: (213) 384-5281 or

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