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Prose of a possum eater

A Voice in Our Wilderness John Husar Triumph Books, $19.95

July 27, 2004|Michael Koehn

The late Chicago Tribune outdoors columnist John Husar was known as a gentle giant of the great outdoors. This book collects some of his best writing over 15 years on the wilderness beat and reflects his appreciation for the natural world, the Midwest and the occasional roast possum dinner.

What comes through in his work is a tremendous sense of integrity, whether it be passing on an appreciation of fishing to children, protecting the places he loved or his belief that you always eat what you kill.

That last dictum got him into some strange dietary habits, illustrated by his instructions for cooking perch eggs.

His writings rove from memories of bluegill fishing with his father to berry and mushroom hunting and fishing the Great Lakes for their abundant game fish.

What makes this book a keeper is the voice behind the stories -- gentle, with occasional laughter, as if you're engaged in conversation with an old friend around the campfire.

-- Michael Koehn

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