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Al Gore Goes Into Attack Mode

June 01, 2004

Re "Bush's Iraq Policies 'Atrocious,' Gore Says," May 27: Al Gore seems to have learned his lesson since 2000 and is coming out hard on the issues. Sen. John F. Kerry, on the other hand, seems determined to become the Gore of '04: aloof, presidential, noncontroversial. No doubt his concession speech in November will be as dignified and poignant as Gore's was four years ago.

Richard Hornby


After reading Gore's comments regarding Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, national security advisor Condoleezza Rice and CIA Director George Tenet, I could not hold back my frustration any longer. Who is this character? If anyone should be denounced, it is Gore and his former sidekick, Bill Clinton. How dare Gore blast a presidential team that has had the backbone to stand up and do what is necessary to protect our country during this most historically critical time? My hat is off to President Bush.

Larry Debord


Now that there is a cry of culpability coming from Gore, maybe some others will feel more empowered to add their voices as well. After all, this man was within a few hanging chads from the presidency himself.

If Gore is calling for Rumsfeld, Rice and Tenet to resign, then someone had better rouse the town crier: This is serious business.

Jeff Gershoff


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