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the Lakers' lead or deficit by the minute

Game 6 Report

June 01, 2004|Lonnie White | Times Staff Writer



Highlight reel: Before he got into foul trouble, the Timberwolves' Michael Olowokandi took out some frustration with a play that shocked Staples Center fans. After taking a pass from former Clipper teammate Darrick Martin, Olowokandi elevated over Shaquille O'Neal and threw down a right-hand dunk with authority.

Not in the box score: The all-out effort by the Lakers on defense, with Karl Malone setting the pace with his aggressive play against Kevin Garnett, who badly missed his first two shots of the game.

Winning number: Six. Points scored off the bench by the Lakers' Kareem Rush, who provided instant offense with consecutive three-point baskets to help the Lakers take a double-digit lead.

Wrong number: 5:08. Time remaining in the quarter when Garnett went to the bench after picking up his second foul trying to stop a Kobe Bryant jump shot.

Leading scorers: Lakers -- Bryant 10, O'Neal 8, Rush 6, Devean George and Malone 2; Timberwolves -- Latrell Sprewell 8, Trenton Hassell 4, Olowokandi and Martin 2.

Leading rebounders: Lakers -- O'Neal 5, Rush 2; Timberwolves -- Garnett 3, Olowokandi and Martin 2.




Highlight reel: Minnesota's Oliver Miller never had a chance when O'Neal faked to get the ball in the post, then spun to catch an alley-oop pass from Gary Payton. Miller was left reaching on the floor when O'Neal finished with a two-handed jam.

Not in the box score: How Coach Phil Jackson left O'Neal on the floor after the Laker big man picked up his third foul with 2:11 remaining. Seventy seconds later, Jackson had to remove O'Neal when he was called for his fourth.

Winning number: 16. Free throws made in the quarter by the Timberwolves, who made 21 of 22 from the line in the first half to stay within striking distance of the Lakers, who were called for 18 fouls over the first two quarters.

Wrong number: 9:44. Time remaining in the second quarter when Bryant was called for his third foul, forcing him to the bench until the final 54 seconds of the first half. Bryant picked up two fouls in less than three minutes at the start of the quarter.

Leading scorers: Lakers -- O'Neal 6, Payton 5, Malone 4, Rush 3, Slava Medvedenko 2; Timberwolves -- Wally Szczerbiak and Garnett 9, Sprewell 7, Fred Hoiberg and Martin 2.

Leading rebounders: Lakers -- Malone 3, four with one; Timberwolves -- Garnett 6, Mark Madsen, Szczerbiak and Fred Hoiberg 2.




Highlight reel: Garnett displayed his uncanny ability to get off a shot from countless spots on the court at Malone's expense throughout the quarter, highlighted by consecutive fadeaway jump shots from the top of the key to keep the Timberwolves in front heading into the fourth.

Not in the box score: It was all about the energy of Garnett and Sprewell for the Timberwolves, who took their biggest lead behind plays their Big Two made at both ends of the court. Garnett's defensive range helped force turnovers and bad shots by the Lakers, while Sprewell was able to get out in the open court, where he is most dangerous.

Winning number: 13. Rebounds in the quarter by the Timberwolves, who held a 37-28 edge in rebounding after three quarters with Garnett pulling down a team-high 13.

Wrong number: Two. Points in the quarter by Bryant, who cooled off considerably after a fast start. Bryant played the entire quarter and made one of six field-goal attempts.

Leading scorers: Lakers -- O'Neal 10, Fisher 3, George, Bryant and Payton 2; Timberwolves -- Garnett 8, Sprewell 6, Hassell and Martin 4.

Leading rebounders: Lakers -- O'Neal 5, Malone, George and Payton 2; Timberwolves -- Garnett and Martin 4, Olowokandi and Sprewell 2.




Highlight reel: The Lakers normally count on Bryant and O'Neal for clutch plays down the stretch, but they turned to Rush, Medvedenko and Fisher to finish off the Timberwolves. Not only did the three role players knock down key shots in combining for 30 points in the game, they also stepped up with timely rebounds and defensive plays.

Not in the box score: How loud Staples Center became after a Rush three-pointer gave the Lakers an 89-79 lead with 3:22 remaining. Laker fans certainly made their presence felt throughout the fourth quarter.

Winning number: 18. Points in the game by Rush, who made six of eight field-goal attempts, including six of seven from behind the three-point line. Rush's previous scoring best during the postseason was 10.

Wrong number: 28. Combined points in the game by Minnesota players not named Garnett, Sprewell or Szczerbiak, who teamed to score 62 points.

Leading scorers: Lakers -- Rush 9, Bryant 8, Medvedenko 6, Malone 4; Timberwolves -- Sprewell 6, Garnett and Szczerbiak 4, Madsen and Hassell 3.

Leading rebounders: Lakers -- Malone 4, Fisher 3, Medvedenko 2; Timberwolves -- Garnett and Madsen 4, Szczerbiak 2.

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