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Bill Cosby Chides the Black Community

June 03, 2004

Re "Remarks by Cosby Still Reverberating," May 30: I wholeheartedly agree with Bill Cosby's remarks. He could and should have gone further in his description of the knuckleheads he referred to. Far too many of us don't have good role models, starting in the home. Most of our professional athletes do not set good examples.

Cosby was right on target when he said, "I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk, and then I heard the father talk." Children live what they learn. Other of our so-called black leaders should follow his lead and address this issue, even more strongly.

Carlie Harris Sr.

Harbor City


Thank you, Bill Cosby, for telling it like it is. Too bad some people didn't like your remarks, but I agree with you. Who can understand these kids and their language currently? Most of their parents aren't a lot better, and it isn't just one group, it is all of them.

Jim Avery

Long Beach

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