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Voiding of Prohibition on Abortion Procedure

June 04, 2004

Re "Judge Voids Ban on Abortion Procedure," June 2:

In your article, Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) criticizes San Francisco federal Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton for trying to halt a piece of legislation [the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act] that received "such broad bipartisan support in Congress."

The words "in Congress" are key; the ideological pursuits of those in our current administration and their like-minded friends in Congress are not based on law or the Constitution but on subjective, personal agendas.

If our administration believed in democracy, believed in a free country defined by its citizens' plethora of self-determining rights, then there would be no question as to whether or not a woman has the right to choose to have a child or to have an abortion.

Sara Poteshman

Sherman Oaks


Now, let me see if I got this right, the [procedure] "involves partially removing a fetus from the uterus and puncturing or crushing its skull." This sounds pretty brutal to me, choice or no choice, especially at 6 to 9 months' gestation.

Of course, the article couldn't say "his or her skull" because the little thing has to be all the way outside the womb to say that. Disgusting.

Deborah Tomasi


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